From the Divide to Your Door!

The only bottled water that comes from a glacier-fed spring high on the Continental Divide, Indian Peaks Springwater is delivered fresh to your home or office in the Denver/Boulder metro area. Available in glass or BPA-free plastic bottles, in five-gallon or three-gallon sizes.

What Our Clients Have To Say...

“I have been enjoying Indian Peaks Springwater for both my home and shop for over six years now. We use the water as an ingredient for some of our products and are proud to tell our customers that it is fresh, beautiful Colorado springwater stored in glass. Not only do we love the water, but we love the people in the company as well.”

Rebecca Luna, Rebecca's Herbal Apothecary & Supply, Boulder

“Laboratory testing of this water is phenomenal, and all my patients will attest to the taste. Indian Peaks Springwater comes from a glacier-fed spring at 10,000 feet, and this particular source is absolutely the best for quality water. When created in this way, water contains a plethora of minerals necessary for peak fitness while being virtually absent of the toxic substances found in most waters.”

Dr. Peter M. Petropulos, D.C., The Lifecenter, Centennial

“Indian Peaks Springwater is of the highest quality. The taste is outstanding and I’m grateful for this wonderful contribution to the health of my family.”

Nicholas Nossaman, M.D., Denver

“Water is the quintessential elixir of the body, providing a conduit for all the elemental matter of the body. Indian Peaks Springwater is the perfect compliment for this process, and it tastes great too! It is a luxury to be able to drink the best and be healthier for it.”

Nancy A. Rao, N.D., L.Ac, Boulder Naturopathic Clinic

“Indian Peaks Springwater comes from high in the mountains, has a clean fresh flavor and has the option of being delivered in glass bottles.”

Brigitte Mars, Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant, Boulder

“I have been drinking Indian Peaks Springwater for several years and recommend it to all of my nutritional clients. It tastes absolutely delicious while simultaneously nourishing and hydrating the body on a deep level. Indian Peaks Springwater is local, pure water delivered in glass bottles, which protects the freshness and quality.”

Eloise Nelson, Ph.D, author, natural health expert: ThePowerofChow

“Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center has been using the amazing Indian Peaks Springwater at our office and at all of our events for over six years.  We love this water.  We believe it is the best springwater available!  Steve has also generously donated water for all of our events, which we very greatly appreciate.  Thank you, Steve, -  So very much, from all of us at Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center”

Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center

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Our Special Intro Offer

We’re so sure you’ll love Indian Peaks Springwater, we’ll give you two free bottles plus a water dispenser that’s rent-free for the first month! (in Boulder County only) To order, go to Contact Us, or call: 303.440.0432.